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The Refinance calculator


As part of our process for a home refinance or VA IRRRL we issue a truly unique mortgage calculator as part of the discovery process.  The Refinance Worksheet will accurately calculate the true benefits of a refinance without submitting a bunch of paperwork. 

Join thousands of client families that have used this tool to see numbers for a Refinance, Cash Out, or VA IRRRL!

Proud to be recognized as an A-Graded, Military Friendly lending team since 2017.




The LWR REFINANCE Calculator™

With some simple input, our clients can see everything to make a good decision with regards to refinancing or using the equity in their home for cash out or paying off debts.

How much will refinancing truly cost me?  What are my monthly savings?  Is my break-even point acceptable?  Are no cost refinancing options available?  What about buying the rate down with points? The EMA answers it all. 


Just complete the short form and we'll get you a detailed worksheet that will show all!  If you like everything we can take next steps to complete your refinance.  (Note that some loans do not require an appraisal).

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You can email us your mortgage statement as well. We look forward to serving you!


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Get the RefiNance Calculator!

Grab a current mortgage statement and complete the short form below to receive our refinance calculator!

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Meet Rick

For more than 25 years, Rick has built his business understanding customer goals to help them make sound financial decisions.

Consistently recognized as one of the Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America, Rick Elmendorf is known for helping his clients and business partners thrive. With 25 years of experience and growth rates that consistently place him among the most successful loan officers in the nation, Rick has built his mortgaging career by listening to and learning from his clients.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"We had a fantastic experience with Rick and could not be more impressed or satisfied with the Elmendorf team. Our monthly payments came out to be $100 less than what their estimates were—which we were VERY happy about! They were upfront about the whole loan process and were readily available to answer all our questions."

Jim A., Virginia

“We were able to get a great rate reduction with very little effort, saving us tons of money long-term. We went through the refinancing process in less than a week and now are enjoying a lower monthly payment with a lower interest rate. This was great for us as we plan on staying here long-term. I highly recommend the Elmendorf team for your home purchasing/refinancing needs.”

Keith L., Virginia